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Welcome to the Ring of Steel website!

The Ring of Steel is an open server raid club, we hit content that raid guilds no longer do and that family guilds may never do. Our raid time for now (subject to modification) is Noon Eastern on Saturdays. We'll hit one or two targets but generally try to stay under three hours of raid time. It is the weekend after all!

Our general chat channel is RoS:reborn

Please join the chat channel as groups and efforts can be found all during the week there, not just our Saturday raids. RoS has been in existence since before the Morden-Povar merger and has a stable community/family feeling with it's veteran members. Our members come from all tiers of guilds and solo players on the server, you'll see hard core raid tags next to small family and casual tags.

We will be posting the weekly Saturday targets here.

Membership to attend RoS raids is not required but registering on the forums is for posting.

With the recent server merges and the increased population on the newly formed Povar (Morden)- Quellious (Rodcet) server, we've decided to try and revive RoS' activity. I'll be going through and updating the site for this new effort and look forward to seeing you on Saturdays!


RoS Council


Another Winning Weekend!!

IntegraJug, Jul 19, 10 1:17 AM.

Two successful weekend kills!!

Scratch Rottrued the Twisted again, and add Queen Malarian to the dead pile, congratulations RoS!!!

Some folks may claim it's luck, but two successful weekends starts to diminish that claim and starts pointing towards a capable raid force.

That being said, we're going to try and take it another notch next weekend... General Bahgresh! A very challenging script for an open raid group.

See you all there!!

RoS is at it again!

IntegraJug, Jul 12, 10 2:02 AM.

That's right! Ring of Steel is at it again, having a successful kill on Rottrued the Twisted in Blackburrow (SoD) last weekend.

We're all hoping that a revival and fresh content kills will entice Llene and Gwadar to come back to our server!

Anyways, the RoS Council wants to extend a huge THANK YOU!!! for all the folks that showed up last weekend and made the raid such a success, as well as to congratulate all those that received their new Rk 3 spells and tomes! Not to mention the loot winners of course.

This coming weekend has a targets scheduled now, as well as a new day, please take note of SUNDAY the 18th for the next RoS raid. We will stick the the weekend schedule for RoS, to try and avoid scheduling conflicts with raid guilds and content lockouts.

That being said, RoS will be raiding each weekend, though it may vary from Saturday and Sunday, noon to evening times, please watch the scheduling announcements here and in game. I'll be burning my spam key up in the general channel.

See you all this Sunday and we'll smash Fippy's little brother again, and meet that nasty Queen head on!

goodbuy for now

llene, Apr 17, 09 4:28 AM.
hi all

due to real life stuff happening, me and gwadar need to move to a server , where we can raid on euro time.

we really enjoyed our time with you all, from we killed that pop progression dragon in plane of valor until today where we kill mobs in TSS.

we made alot of friends and we will miss you all.

i know the council will continue and raids will be going on saturday.


Fabled mobs R.I.P

llene, Apr 2, 09 8:15 AM.
hi all

been killing fabled for a few saturdays:
- fabled LMM (alot)
- fabled solusek ro
- fabled agnarr
- fabled Bert
- fabled TT
- fabled firebird 1 (whatever the name is)
- fabled firebird 2
- fabled jiva

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